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Educational & Inspirational Products

FGI offers a Spirit of Excellence in all that we create, including Children's Books; Devotionals; Memoirs; Poetry Collections; and much more! 

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Publishing is just one aspect of what we do!! Speaking is another! To invite one of our authors to speak or MC your next event, send a request via bookfarmor@farmorgroupinc.co

Recording & Production

We are expanding into the sound recording & video production arenas to ensure that our clients & products go far more than the eyes can see!

Book #23: InHERitance by Sherilee Mandi

If suspense is what you like, then InHERitance by Sherilee Mandi is the novel for you!! Jamaican native Sherilee Mandi takes readers on this 

Official release date: 9/21/2021

Retail Price: $12.95 

eBook available: $7.99       


She's Back! Author Cynthia Hughes Returns with Live!

Live...But LIVE! is the new memoir by Cynthia Hughes, MSW, author of Hoop in the Bathroom and Can I Be President of the United States at 8? 

Thirty-four years in the making, returns with her 7-part testimony to teach you how to Live and understand the 10 keys to But LIVE!!!

Read the 10.21.21 Press Release

The Sun Is Still Shining by Emma Mae Easter

If you thought you heard the last from Emma Mae Easter from her first poetry collection, The Sun Never Stops Shining (published August 2010), the sequel here is here!! Enjoy these Words of Wisdom from Mother Easter!!

Press Releases: 

Emma Easter Shines Bright with Release of Second Book (11.20.2020)

In Light of the Cross Now Available in Hardcover

FarMor is excited about this new 36-page guidebook titled In Light of the Cross by William H. Gottfried (ISBN 13: 978-0-9994899-7-0).

Available now in hardcover: $24.95 or paperback: $16.95.

Read the FIRST CHAPTER. To request a preview copy (for organizations, churches & educational institutions), complete the Contact Us form

Meet the Authors

Alexandrena C. Barker

I AM Loved in the Midst of My Storms is dedicated to all of God’s daughters and sons who may be broken, wounded, hurting or feeling like no one cares or loves them.


William H. Gottfried

I AM Loved in the Midst of My Storms is dedicated to all of God’s daughters and sons who may be broken, wounded, hurting or feeling like no one cares or loves them.


Yolanda Harmon

With a heart the serve, this minister of the gospel and conference host offers a beautiful devotional titled  A Whispered Prayer.

Cynthia Hughes, MSW

Hoop in the Bathroom and Can I Be President of the United States at 8? are two children's books this 2013 Social Worker of the Year (Orange County Public Schools) has published through FGI.

Suzanne Leigh

Resilient is not only her book title but the depiction of the author who returned to college at age 51 to complete her AA and is currently pursuing her Bachelor's degree!

The late Jessie J. Barrington

In his memoir, A Good Life, the author uplifts readers through his humble beginnings in Sanford, FL to his combined 35+ commitment in the U.S. Air Force & Army Reserves.


Beverly Blackwood

Called for such a time as this, The Intimate Relationship Guide author reveals 21 ways to have a closer walk with Jesus through her own personal experiences that will touch heart, mind and soul.  


Suzette Farquharson-Morgan

Author, Publisher, Producer, Teacher & Motivational Speaker shares the four seasons she experienced in Living Testimonies 2 and tells why she doesn't look like what she's been through!

Sharon Curtis Rivas

When You Walk Through the Fire captures the essence of enduring the fire & the furnace, picking up the pieces, forgiving, and finding true meaning and joy in one's life, despite the tragedy and loss. 


"Hello, Ms. Suzette!!.... I got home, changed into comfortable clothes and read your book in one sitting!! I got up once for a break but there was so much there that the Lord had for me that I just couldn't stop reading till the end!!!"

- Wanda Rodriguez

"Very easy to read true and honest testimonies! I would definitely recommend this book to everyone. It's a must read! Actually, once I started reading I could not put the book down!"

- Sterling Baker

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