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FGI offers a Spirit of Excellence in all that we create, including Children's Books; Devotionals; Memoirs; Novels; and Poetry Collections. 

For we walk by faith, not by sight....

One facet of FarMor is book publishing. In October 2004, the company started as a sole proprietor to publish Living Testimoniesa collection of short stories written by Suzette Farquharson-Morgan in August 2005. 

Two years later, the company released its first poetry collection titled Honey for the Soul: This Is Your Season on 7.7.07 by Messianic Poetess Anita B. Williams. 

Prior to its third book release, The Tests: Releasing the Beauty Within by Elizabeth M. Kershaw, FarMor Publishing evolved into a S-Corporation in June 2009. 

Since then, FarMor Group Incorporated has published two dozen books by 22 different local, national and international authors, including

  • novelists Lynn Gayle and Sherilee Mandi;
  • poets Emma Mae Easter and Patricia Ann Robinson; and
  • children's book author Cynthia Hughes

Make a joyful noise.....

For decades, we have desired to move full force into the music industry, Starting with our first compilation CD, "Honey for the Soul: This Is Your Season" in 2008, we learned the ropes to seeking the mechanical and master rights for the project.

A year later, we released our first spoken word CD titled "A Love Thing" by Randy "R.L." Benjamin for a LIFT EVERY VOICE Valentine's Day event in  Orlando. 

Last year, we were blessed to be part of this new Single, "You Chose Me" by Stacy "Elevated" Wilson.

Available on our record label, EMT Records, this Gospel song is touching hearts, changing minds and saving souls as listeners receive the message that we are God's creation; we are His masterpiece!

The Single is available for download on all music outlets including: iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and Amazon, to name a few. 

You can also purchase the CD this site or www.stacyelevatedwilson.com


 We have expanded into the music industry, and we are grateful to God for our first recording project, released 2.11.2022.  


FGI authors participate in various productions throughout Central Florida, using their gifts and talents to inspire others. 

Write the vision, make it plain 

We've had the opportunity to promote our authors, poets and motivational speakers during various productions throughout Central Florida. 

From community centers to banquet halls to performing arts centers, the productions speak to the hearts through the literary and performing arts, bringing empowerment and encouragement to all who attend. 

Poets and spoken word artists such as Patricia Ann Robinson (on the left) and Emma Mae Easter have been featured in several productions, hosted by FarMor Entertainment, over the years. 

Sharing their inspirational poems and monologues, which are interwoven with the anointing from different singers and dancers, allows Holy Spirit to break chains and set the captives free!


"Hello, Ms. Suzette!!.... I got home, changed into comfortable clothes and read your book in one sitting!! I got up once for a break but there was so much there that the Lord had for me that I just couldn't stop reading till the end!!!"

- Wanda Rodriguez

"Very easy to read true and honest testimonies! I would definitely recommend this book to everyone. It's a must read! Actually, once I started reading I could not put the book down!"

- Sterling Baker

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